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VD-2 & VD-4

VD2PValve Drivers

Valco Melton’s Valve Drivers provide operators with the ability to activate electric applicators, while saving adhesive with the automatic EcoStitch™ mode. Valve drivers are available in two options: the VD-2, a two-channel valve driver capable of firing two independent modules either on the same gun manifold, or on separate manifolds, and the VD-4, which operates in the same capacity, but as a four-channel valve driver.

Electric valves can be operated in bead mode with a full, uninterrupted pattern for the duration of the input, or stitch mode where the entire glue pattern is made up of EcoStitch™ dots. Users can easily configure the stitch or bead parameters as well as dot placement and gap size with the simple press of a button.

VD-2 & VD-4 can work with a variety of Valco Melton’s cold-glue or hot melt adhesive dispensing valves including the MX hot melt valve, the 524, 540, 400 and 900 series valves, as well as the 300-series cold glue valve. Suitable applications include hot melt packaging and where PLC’s are controlling the activation timing of the adhesive applicator.

Get these immediate benefits

  • • Achieve independent control of the pattern through EcoStitch or bead setting
  • • Customize your adhesive pattern with EcoStitch’s unique “dot” and “gap” settings
  • • Improve operator effectiveness with simplified setup and programming tasks
  • • Quick installation with plug-and-run connectors
  • • Switch between dots and beads with the press of a button

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