Valco Melton is a leading provider of high-speed gluing and inspection equipment to manufacturers of food and beverage cartons, carriers, auto-lock boxes (2, 4 or 6 corners), cosmetic boxes, tamper-evident pharmaceutical cartons, mailers, pocket folders, restaurant boxes, and other consumer goods. Performing at speeds of more than 600 m/min, our high-pressure delivery systems feature high-speed, repeatable valves and precision inspection camera equipment that ensure you always create ‘The Perfect Carton.’

Cold Glue Equipment

For over 60 years, Valco Melton cold glue components have provided unmatched precision and reliability to the packaging and paper converting sectors. Our valves are fast, repeatable, and robust. Together with our top-of-the-line piston pumps, high-speed glue regulation, and advanced controls and inspection equipment, our products provide a total solution that lasts for the long haul and always keeps your machine running.

Hot Melt Equipment

A pioneer in the area of electric valves, Valco Melton offers the most flexible and reliable means of dispensing hot melt adhesives onto folding cartons. With compact, electric hot melt valves, we can dispense a wide variety of adhesives (including pressure sensitives and fugitives) in any pattern or configuration.

Inspection Equipment

ClearVision camera systems offer unparalleled views of glue, print, folds, barcodes, and inserts. This imaging capability, coupled with the ability to track and remove individual products (even if the machine is not equipped with ejectors) allows you to assure your customers that any product they receive is always fully inspected and defect-free.