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MCP-12 Gluing System Control with Inspection Capabilities, OT-12 Touchscreen Interface

MCP12Valco Melton’s MCP-12 touchscreen and control package is available with Valco Melton’s exclusive FlexoSealPRO software package for corrugated applications. The FlexosealPRO® Series was designed to meet the strict demands of flexo-folder gluers worldwide. Featuring industry specific graphics on an intuitive touchscreen control panel, FlexoSealPRO guides the operator through settings for box design, glue patterns, adhesive inspection, adhesive flow control, and other system functions.

Features Include:

  • • Numeric keypad display offers one-touch up or down as well as    direct data entry
  • • User security customizable to parameter level for operational security
  • • Pattern-Skip-Pattern gluing available
  • • Optional VisiPRO® data collection & visualization
  • • 4-channel gluing and inspection
  • • Glue pattern resolution of 1 mm or 0.01 inch with accuracy less than 1 mm at 2000 m/min
  • • Jam prevention
  • • Low-liquid-level detection
  • • Multiple scanner inputs- up to six
  • • Offers reduced size over traditional enclosures
  • • Mounts remotely
  • • Features front-panel diagnostic information
  • • Easy access to circuit boards
  • • Uses power and driver technology taken from the proven MCP-25 series controls
  • • Gluing and inspection computations are performed by dedicated Motorola® micro-controllers

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