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ClearVision BoxChek 7 Control

The Valco Melton ClearVision Inspection SystemWork with your glue system and ClearVision inspection cameras with one screen using BoxChek7 inspection software. BoxChek7 brings users complete information on production line performance in real time. The screen simultaneously displays job statistics, defect images and history bar to facilitate analysis.

  • • Detect and identify defective gluing (hot melt or cold glue), folding, barcodes, print registration, corrugator scores, as well as issues with sheets such as skew.
  • • Minimize configuration times with the system’s ability to learn the position of the cameras and sensors.
  • • Streamline support sessions using the online chat window.
  • • Intuitive interface that displays real time images and data from each of the installed systems.
  • • Defect and performance data for all boxes stored locally in SQL database and can be easily accessed remotely
    with MeasurementChek.

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