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Akura PF | Hot Melt Coating Applicators

Hot melt coating applicators for controlled adhesive dosing

Akura PF applicators achieve homogeneous adhesive coatings on applications as wide as 3000 mm. This versatile series can be equipped with a variety of module, adhesive channel, and nozzle configuration options to accommodate virtually any adhesive coating process. Upgrade options include pressure transducers, grammage control in close-loop, flow meters and pumping stations.

Based on each project requirements, Akura applicators feature a number of independent hydraulic zones. Each zone is fed by a gear pump, to ensure an even distribution of the adhesive accross the full web width. Additionally, Akura applicators feature different flow regulator options, allowing the user to fine-tune the adhesive flow within each independent hydraulic zone.

By incorporating our Weight-Inspekt grammage control system, the average grammage of each hydraulic zone may be controlled in close-loop with the gear pumps. As deviations in the adhesive grammage are detected, the system will automatically adjust the adhesive flow for the specific hydraulic zone.


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